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We mainly produces single/double girder overhead crane, single/double girder gantry crane, rubber tyre gantry crane, Intelligent crane, jib crane and related crane kits, etc. Product quality is the foundation of survival and development. Our company always adheres to the product quality as the basis, with strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, perfect process equipment, to provide customers with high-quality products and services with safety performance standards and reliable quality.

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industry application

  • General Manufacturing

    General Manufacturing

    In the general manufacturing industry, the need to maintain the flow of materials, from raw materials to processing, and then to packaging and transportation, regardless of the process interruption...
  • Material Handling

    Material Handling

    Material handling refers to the lifting, moving and placing of materials to produce time and place utility, that is, the storage of materials and the management of short distance movement. Material handling is th...
  • Steel Industry

    Steel Industry

    Steel industry is an industrial industry mainly engaged in ferrous mineral mining, ferrous metal smelting and processing and other industrial production activities, including Iron, chromium,...
  • Precast Concrete Plant

    Precast Concrete Plant

    Precast beam is a beam that is prefabricated by the factory and then transported to the construction site for installation and fixing according to the design requirements. And during these process, the gantry...
  • Paper Mill

    Paper Mill

    The paper industry uses wood, straw, reeds, rags, etc. as raw materials to separate cellulose through high-temperature and high-pressure cooking, and make it into pulp. A mechanical gripper crane lifts...
  • Automobile Industry

    Automobile Industry

    The automobile industry is a comprehensive enterprise developed on the basis of many related industries and related technologies. The products of many departments are used in automobiles, and...
  • Electrical Equipment

    Electrical Equipment

    SEVENCRANE cranes and hoists already play an important role in the production of machinery and installations for power generation. For example, they are used in the manufacture of gas and steam...
  • Shipyard & Marine

    Shipyard & Marine

    Shipbuilding industry refers to a modern comprehensive industry that provides technology and equipment for industries such as water transportation, marine development, and national ...
  • Railway Field

    Railway Field

    SEVENCRANE yard cranes offer valuable advantages in productivity, reliability and a growth path to fully automated operation. Rail-mounted container gantry cranes are mainly used for container loading,...
  • Waste to Energy Power Plant

    Waste to Energy Power Plant

    Waste power station refers to a thermal power plant that uses the heat energy released by burning municipal garbage to generate electricity. The basic process of load power generation is the same as th...
  • Hydro Power Station

    Hydro Power Station

    Hydropower station consists of hydraulic system, mechanical system and electric energy generating device, etc. It is a key project to realize the conversion of water energy to electric energy. Th...
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project cases

16 Tons Single Girder Overhead Crane For Philippines Client


16 Tons Single Girder Overhead Crane For Philippines Client

One of SEVENCRANE client in Philippines sent inquiry about single girder overhead crane in 2019. They are professional boat factory in Manila city.
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3 Sets Double Girder Overhead Cranes for Thailand Client


3 Sets Double Girder Overhead Cranes for Thailand Client

In October 2021, client from Thailand sent inquiry to SEVENCRANE, asked about double girder overhead crane. SEVENCRANE didn’t just offered price, based on thoroughly communication about site condition and actual application.
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